Britney Spears Looks More Real In These Photos Than I Ever Thought Possible

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Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys playing google roulette by searching innocent phrases with your safe search off, these Britney Spears photos will be the most shocking photos you see today. Not because she's doing something crazy…but because she's not.

(Yes, I know, the plot thickened quickly.)

She's just buying clothes at Old Navy. Probably off to the grocery store next. Maybe a pit stop at Target to check out their handbag sale. Then off to pick up  Sean and Jayden at school, before cooking them fish sticks for dinner and yelling at them for staying up past their bedtime. Maybe she'll read some Fifty Shades of Grey before bed. Or maybe she'll catch up on season 3 of The Closer. Either way she'll fall asleep with the lights still on, exhausted from a busy day of trying to get everything done. She'll softly snore until her alarm goes off in the early morning hours.

That's just what her messy hairdo and mock-turtleneck-tee-shirt says to me.

“I'm just a mom. Just the mom next door. Sure, I wear 19-inch stilleto heels to run errands, but at the end of the day I'm content if the PTA meeting goes well and the dogs don't have an accident in the house.”

Looks like Us Weekly turned out to be right after all. Stars are just like us! Even if they started their careers as prepubescent children on TV, even if they're encouraged to dress provocatively but proclaim their committment toward remaining a virgin in their teenage years and even if they got publicly mocked in the media for being mentally ill in their twenties.

At the end of the day, they just want to leave the house without worrying about what they look like. And that just makes me say, “God bless the USA!”

(Photos: PacificCoastNews.com )