Britney Spears Got Cheated On By Her Boyfriend — Girl Can’t Catch A Break

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Britney Spears surprised holding her head on X Factor GIFBritney Spears just had to break up with yet another boyfriend because he cheated on her, and honestly — when is this girl gonna catch a break? It isn't even like she has a long history of guys cheating on her, just a long history of dating guys who don't necessarily have her best interests at stake. Cripes.

This gem was named David Lucado, and he and Britney had dated for about a year and a half after being introduced by mutual friends in February 2013. Which, coincidentally, was about a month after she ended her engagement to Jason Trawick, whom she'd dated since 2009, right after she broke up with Adnan Ghalib, who was THE WORST. And before him, there was a series of flings with a string of different guys that stretches all the way back to Justin Timberlake. Basically what I'm saying is she hasn't been single since like…birth. So maybe it's time to take a little breather from guys.

Especially since this one was such a little shyster! According to TMZ, there was video being shopped around of David:

“…making out with a woman and dancing with her. It looks like they’re in someone’s living room. We’re told the video was shot in early August.”

First of all, come on man, seriously? You must have just wanted to get caught, if you were letting yourself be videotaped making out and dancing with a girl in someone's living room. Pull it together. The news got to Britney when TMZ called her father Jamie Spears for comment, and he said he'd issue a statement, but he had to talk to Britney first. And apparently as soon as he did, she broke up with David, because she tweeted immediately afterward:

Get it girl. That totally sucks, but that's the only way to do it. And according to HollywoodLife, even though she's heartbroken, she's not going to let it affect her show.

“The only thing that would cancel any show date would be illness and Britney is in great health and she will completely fulfill her residency. She is not going to allow personal matters to take over business matters. The show will not be changed.”

Good for her. Glad she only wasted a year and a half on this guy…but if I could offer a piece of advice, it would be to stay single for more than a month. Maybe even more than a year! Because the only thing worse than wasting eighteen months on a shitty relationship is wasting thirty-two years on a bunch of shitty relationships. Just saying.

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