Britney Spears Tweets Pic Of Self In Awful Bikini, Is Still A Better Twitpic-er Than Miley

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Last night, Britney Spears added her own entry into the “twitpics of celebrities in bikinis” album the Internet is constantly compiling. The photo is at once awkward and casual, and much more charming than anything ever put out by Miley Cyrus and her ilk.

As you can see, Britney's hair looks kind of greasy, she's wearing glasses and little to no makeup, and her bikini looks like two very small pieces of an old lady's tablecloth. She's also standing in the awkward type of pose you might use to take a photo to send to your friends to ask if something looks okay on you, and despite her caption saying “Having some fun in the sun… don't want summer to be over!” she's not actually in the sun yet, but inside a poorly lit house.

While these things might make for a terrible magazine spread, they make for a good twitpic, and here's why. Twitter is supposed to at least give us the illusion that celebrities are “just like us.” When every twitpic is ridiculously well styled, coiffed, sucked, tucked and posed to look “perfectly carefree” (only not really, obvi), Twitter stops giving us a neat glimpse into celebrities' lives and becomes just another avenue for them to tell us how awesome they are. Of course, the “brave” (but actually glamorous) “no makeup” photo can be another way to attention whore, but I don't think that's what Britney is doing here. This is a photo that says to me that Britney Spears is a regular (and kind of dorky) lady, one who has un-hip taste in bathing suits and, despite what her more professional shoots would have us believe, isn't quite comfortable posing in a bikini.

Of course, this is a lot to gather from a single twitpic of Brit Brit. But if nobody liked over-analyzing small bits of information released by celebrities, I'd be out of a job.

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Photo: Britney Spears