16 Crazy Rules The Royal Family Must Follow

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Most of us spent years of our childhoods wishing that we were real-life princesses. Movies like The Princesses Diaries had us crossing our fingers that maybe we had been born into royalty after all, and our parents were just waiting until we were 16 to give us the good news. When 16 came and went and we were still without a crown, we moved on to hoping that we’d marry the prince of some country and become a real-life princess that way.

Well, for most of us, neither one of those things ever happened. Here we are, twentysomething, no crown in sight. Turns out, it might be for the best after all — members of the royal family have to follow some pretty strict rules. We’ve rounded up 16 of the craziest rules that the British royal family has to follow. Some of them will definitely make you thankful you don’t own a diamond tiara!