Bridesmaids Swept At The Comedy Central Comedy Awards, And They Deserved It

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No one can say Bridesmaids wasn't given a lot of love during this year's awards season; it was buried under nominations including two Golden Globe and two Academy Awards nods. Yet until last night it didn't get a lot of trophies. The Comedy Central Comedy Awards helped fill in the gaps in the trophy case that I'm guessing rotates between Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, and Annie Mumolo's houses. Kristen and Annie went home with the Comedy Screenplay Award, while Melissa got Best Performance by an Actress-Film and Paul Feig took home Best Director-Film. The movie also won Best Comedy Film.

Another very deserving winner was Donald Glover who took home Breakout Performer of the Year. What did we do before there was Troy and Abed in the Morning or before Donald taught us the scientific term for the butt bone? It might seem unnecessary to add yet another award show to the year, but it's nice to see talented comedy writers and actors who might be ignored by the bigger shows given their due.

If you want to catch the acceptance speeches and between awards antics that are pretty much guaranteed to be more entertaining then this year's Academy Awards ceremony, Comedy Central will be airing the award show on May 6th at 9/8 central time.

Photo: (Just Jared)