5 Facts About 16 And Pregnant Star Briana Dejesus

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Last night's episode of 16 and Pregnant introduced us to Briana Dejesus, the most controversial pregnant teen we've met so far this season. Briana's from Brooklyn, New York but grew up in Orlando, Florida with her single mom and her sister Brittany. Although Briana's father was out of the picture, the three women formed a close relationship and it's clear throughout the episode that they care for each other a lot.

However caring for each other, doesn't mean letting each other off the hook. Briana's mom makes it clear during the episode that Briana's going to have to be responsible for htis baby as well as her college education, their house will not be a hotel for Briana's ex-boyfriend Devoin to come and go when he decides he wants to take care of the baby.

But it turns out that Devoin won't be a problem because he shows that he's not interested in dating Briana or being a father to their baby — even though he convinced Briana to keep the baby by glamourizng the pregnancy and their potential life as a family together. At the end of the episode Briana warns viewers not to make a permanent decision based on temporary feelings. While for most teens this probably means not getting a tattoo of your high school boyfriend's name across your back, for her it meant keeping the baby and giving up her teenage years.

We were s0 interested with Briana's story that we dug up 5 more facts about the teen mom.