Only Brian Williams Can Make Watching The Bachelorette Sound Like The Respectable Thing To Do

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Brian Williams Neighbors Premiere 2014I love Brian Williams. Like a dad. But also like my rich, older boyfriend. It's confusing. Especially when I have make-believe conversations with him in my head. “Adopt me! Also marry me! Tuck me in at night! But tuck yourself into my bed at night too!” If only we lived inside a Lifetime movie, it would all make sense. However, we don't, because fate is not on my side and I'm stuck living in America. Land of the free and home of the prudes.

Last night my boyfriend/father went on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about his obsession with The BacheloretteWhile I'd like to say the reality show is beneath me, I can't. Not because I watch it, but because I've watched worse. So much worse. I have no doubts that I would be a fervent Bachelorette watcher if it wasn't such a horrible time suck. I just don't have 72 hours a week to commit to strangers. At least I didn't until last night. Hearing my boyfriend/father talk so eloquently about the show made me think that maybe I need to re-prioritize my summer TV viewing schedule. Perhaps Benson & Stabler don't need me to watch every episode six times.

Perhaps I need to take a page from Brian's (Bry's?) book and give The Bachelorette the respect it deserves. I mean, Bry (Bry-Bear?) compared it to an election. AN ELECTION! If the world's foremost rapping news anchor compares it to an election, you know it's probably important to watch. 

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