Watching Brian Williams ‘Rap’ Snoop Dogg Will Start Your Day With Amazingness

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Watching Brian Williams  Rap  Snoop Dogg Will Start Your Day With Amazingness Brian Williams raps Gin and Juice Jimmy Fallon video 2014 jpg

Is it ever not a good day to watch NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams rap a song thanks to The Tonight Show’s clever editing? The answer is no, there is never not a good day to do that. Last night that late night genius Jimmy Fallon showed us what it would be like if BriWi rapped Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice.” It came a day late for Snoop’s beloved 4/20, but I feel like a lot of 4/20 participants also probably came to it a day late, so it’s all good.

I realize Mr. Williams is probably just doing his job without thinking about whether or not Jimmy Fallon will try to turn him into a rapper again any time soon. But I like to watch these videos pretending that he actually wants to make things easier to edit so he sneaks in the right words here and there, even if it’s a stretch: “Yes, I know this is a story about Olympic skiing, but if we could work the word ‘bitches’ in there it would really help Jimmy Fallon out when he puts this funny rap video together later.”

Just kidding. He doesn’t really say “bitches.” Pretty sure he says “pitches,” based on the fact that there’s a baseball-related image behind him when he says it. And yet it sounds so convincingly like “bitches,” doesn’t it? I really believed Brian Williams was rapping to me about “bitches in the living room getting it on,” and I didn’t bat an eye. I mean, why wouldn’t Brian Williams be rapping about that behind his anchor desk? Go ahead and pour yourself a gin and juice — or just a(n orange) juice, since it’s morning — and enjoy listening to Brian Williams talk about having a “pocket full of rubbers.” Godspeed.