Brian Williams Raps ‘Baby Got Back’ In Jimmy Fallon’s Best Mashup Yet

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Brian Williams Raps  Baby Got Back  In Jimmy Fallon s Best Mashup Yet Brian Williams raps Baby Got Back Tonight Show June 2014 jpg

I’m pleased to inform you we have another piece of editing genius to enjoy from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this morning. It’s become a recurring segment to make Brian Williams “rap” famous songs by mashing up clips from his job anchoring the NBC Nightly News. He’s already performed classics like “Rapper’s Delight” and “Gin and Juice,” so I think we can all agree it was about time he tried Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” The result is definitely my favorite mashup thus far.

That’s partly because I enjoy that song more than a sane human being should, thanks to that episode of Friends and also the fact that it’s FREAKIN’ CATCHY AS HELL. It’s also partly because the editing on these videos is getting more and more seamless with each one. If you close your eyes and/or hide the video and just listen to BriWi’s voice, you might be convinced that he really is rapping it. It’s that well done. It helps that he’s saying the whole thing in that important news person voice of his. Everything’s better in an important news person voice, as well all know.

And don’t forget the cameos from other NBC personalities like Savannah Guthrie and David Gregory, but especially Kathie Lee Gifford, who really sells the “makes me so horny” part of the song. And if you’re going to have that line said by anyone on that network, you should obviously make it Kathie Lee Gifford. There’s really nobody better suited for the job. I’m surprised they even had to edit more than one clip together. I’m sure they can find an episode of the Today Show where Kathie Lee said those exact words over a glass of morning wine.