Jimmy Fallon Makes Brian Williams Sing ‘Rapper’s Delight’ In A Video That Should Win Every Award Ever

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Jimmy Fallon Makes Brian Williams Sing  Rapper s Delight  In A Video That Should Win Every Award Ever Brian Williams Jimmy Fallon Rappers Delight 2014 jpg

Name any award in existence and this video of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams rapping “Rapper’s Delight” should win it. It should EGOT and win the Nobel Peace Prize and maybe even steal that soccer trophy from that 12-year-old over there. If nothing else, it should convince everyone that Jimmy Fallon was the right choice to host The Tonight Show. You just have to reward someone who gives us videos like this.

If you’re familiar with this bit from Late Night, you know that Mr. Williams is not, in fact, rapping the song in question. It’s simply a mashup of him saying all the words in the song at different times. I say “simply,” but of course that totally undermines all the work that so clearly went into this video. The result is flawless. A lot of videos like this on the Internet aren’t quite so convincing, because they’re edited sloppily or the song choice is too ambitious. This one is so precise and well-edited it will scare you.

Oh, and if you think that Bri Wi’s voice is the only one that lends itself to creating this illusion, think twice. This time correspondent Lester Holt joins in while Brian takes a break and sips from a coffee cup on his side of the split screen. It’s brilliant. What makes it even more brilliant is the fact that you know Brian Williams would totally rap this in real life if Jimmy asked him, because he’s just that much of a good sport. But then we wouldn’t be able to marvel at this flawless editing job. Jimmy Fallon knows to always go the more creative route. You want a viral video that everyone will be talking about the next day? Jimmy Fallon is your man (as are the amazing editors who put this together). Now excuse me while I watch this on a loop for the rest of the day.