Video: Brian Williams Mocks Zooey Deschanel And Other Celebrities In Siri Commercials

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Rock Center news anchor Brian Williams is the best, because he clearly takes shit from no one. He writes e-mails to Gawker lamenting Lana del Rey‘s awful SNL performance, he pokes fun at himself on 30 Rock, and now he's commented on those annoying iPhone Siri commercials. You know, the ones where a pajama-clad Zooey Deschanel asks Siri if it's raining outside, or Samuel L. Jackson makes up a new word, “hotspacho.”

The commercials are cute, sure, but they also get grating. But rather than just present this vaguely-amusing trend, Mr. Williams decided to editorialize a bit. This clip comes courtesy of The Soup (which I've just gotten back into watching, and it's awesome as well), and just made my day.

“This from the country that won World War II.” Hehe!

Photo: Laermer