Brian Williams Somehow Kept A Straight Face While Reporting His Daughter Being Cast As Peter Pan

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Brian Williams announcing Peter Pan castingWhen we announced yesterday that Allison Williams had been cast in the role of Peter Pan in NBC's live musical Peter Pan Live!, the most common reaction was why why WHYYYY. But of course we know why, don't we? His name start with a ‘B' and ends with a ‘-rian Williams', and he and Allison live in the house that NBC built!

I'm speaking of course of Brian Williams, the lead anchor for NBC News, erstwhile rapper, and father of Allison Williams, whom we will see eagerly careening through the air on live television this December. I don't want to say that Allison definitely got the job because of her dad, but unless they're planning an alternate storyline where Peter Pan has unsatisfying sex with Captain Hook and mopes around refusing to learn from it (would watch), it's pretty hard to see what in her Girls performance made her spring to mind for this one.

Especially now that I've seen Brian Williams announce her casting live on air. You know, just a normal thing that most dads (and most anchors!) get to do — ask a nationwide audience to come see their daughter in her little show this holiday season! It's just a couple hours out of your day, and the ticket is free with your cable package!

But seriously you guys — “Family members confirm that she's been rehearsing for this role since the age of three and they look forward to seeing her fly” — how did he keep a straight face through that? Obviously it's gotta be a proud moment for a father, but an even prouder one for NBC. They just turned Brian Williams into a shill machine for their live musical, and they don't have to pay him a single dime for it. It's pretty genius.

I don't know if Allison has any brothers or sisters, but can we get one of them on a soccer team so we can start televising the games or something? This PR machine won't run itself. (Except yes it will!!!!)