Which Grammy Award Nominee Wrote A Theme Song For YouPorn?

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That's right, folks, it's Brian McKnight, the man who holds the record for most Grammy Award nominations without a win. But Brian's luck may be about to change (we didn't say for the better), because he's written a new song…and it's for the website YouPorn.

Apparently the artist owed them one over at the porn site, because they featured his song “If You're Ready To Learn” on the site, sending the sales off the charts. The title may sound innocuous, but the lyrics to that song include,

“Let me show you how your pussy works / since you didn't bring it to me first / I have lots of things to show you if you're ready to learn / Let me show you how your pussy / Bet you didn't know that it'd squirt.”

So there's that. And since that song became so…ahem…popular, Brian decided to write a song for YouPorn as a thank you. And the new song lyrics are waaaayyy dirtier the second time around. As TMZ previously commented, most of the lyrics are way too filthy for us to post here, but here's a quick excerpt:

“You wanna see some fucking anal? / I can get you close enough to smell / Gonna drive you insane-o / Just make sure that you're alone / Head on over to YouPorn … dot com.”

Golly. You can listen to more of the track below, but clearly it's not safe for work. In case that was in any way unclear in the rest of this post.

I can't tell if I'm proud of you or disappointed, Brian McKnight. Maybe more confused than anything. But I strangely can't get it out of my head…and when I tried to go to Google.com just now, that is not what I actually typed.

Curse you, McKnight.

(Image: shure.com)