6 Poisons And How To Prevent Them From Ruining Your Life As Explained By Poison Songs

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Happy Poison Prevention Week! Yes, you read that correctly.

Here at Crushable we're very concerned about the safety of our readers, so we've decided to dedicate an entire week to ways in which you, our beloved audience, can stay away from dangerous poisonous things that could possibly be fatal! Yikes!

No wants to die from something that could have been prevented if you just simply stayed away from it. For example, meth. The easiest way to avoid things like “meth face,” jail and possible demise of your very existence is to steer clear all together, but for some reason there are those who want to indulge. Is “indulge” even an appropriate word for using meth? Probably not.

In order to cover this topic, we felt it necessary to bring everyone's favorite bit of “poison” into the mix to help us explain a few things. And who knows more about poison than Bret Micheals? He did front Poison for years and I'm sure at the height of their success in the 1980's there were many poisons in his life, one of which being fellow Poison band member and coke-head, CeCe Deville.

We now present six poisons that can be prevented as explained by Poison song titles.