Bret Michaels Shares A Birthday With Eva Longoria, But He Still Thinks She’s Kim Kardashian

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Happy birthday Steven Tyler! Wow, the big 5-0! I hope you have a rockin' party to celebrate. Tell your daughter Liv that I said hello. I loved that song you did for Armageddon. What's that? Okay, I'm now being told that it is in fact Bret Michaels who turns 50 today. Oops.

Well, it looks like I'm not the only one making mistakes, because even Bret Michaels didn't know whose birthday it was today. Well, besides himself. You see, Bret shares a birthday with Kim Kardashian. Or is it Eva Longoria? Kim Kardashian? Oh, I see, it's Eva Longoria's birthday, but Bret Michaels thinks she's Kim Kardashian. Glad we cleared that up.

Earlier today Bret Michaels tweeted a sweet happy birthday message to Eva, who turns 38 today, but he included a picture of himself standing next to what looks like Kim Kardashian's wax figure but could very well be Kim Kardashian herself. I can honestly never tell.

Bret quickly was told realized he made a mistake and deleted the post, replacing it with a new pictureless message. Because he probably would have put up a picture of Nicole Scherzinger the second time. Luckily for us, the original tweet didn't go unnoticed, and now we all know the truth.

Just in case you need a refresher, this is Eva Longoria:

Cabrio Launch Germany 27 Feb 2013

It seems to have become a trend for celebrities to be confused about who other celebrities are. It's like they all have that facial recognition disorder. Or they just spend so much time looking at themselves in the mirror that they get confused when they look at someone else's face. Remember when Flavor Flav thought Miley Cyrus was Gwen Stefani? And it wasn't a celebrity who made the mistake, but a reporter mistook Ashlee Simpson for Ashley Tisdale.

But there are two things that make this mistake extra special. One, Bret shares a birthday with Eva, and he felt excited enough about it to send the tweet in the first place. Second, he's met Kim Kardashian, or at least her wax figure, yet he's still not sure who she is. And he didn't reupload a picture of Eva in that picture's place, so I doubt he had pictures with both of them and accidentally clicked Kim's.

So in conclusion, sorry you made that mistake, Ozzy Osbourne. But happy birthday!

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