Bret Easton Ellis Wants Scott Disick To Star In The Unnecessary American Psycho Remake

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Just 11 years after the original adaptation came out, Lionsgate is looking to remake the horror classic American Psycho, based on the book of the same name by Bret Easton Ellis. Upon learning this news, professional Patrick Bateman doppelganger and Kourtney Kardashian baby daddy Scott Disick tweeted, “Just heard there doing a remake of American Psycho! best news i have ever heard! i hope they call me!”

Not long after, the author himself chimed in with “I have warned Lionsgate that I will not approve a new version of ‘American Psycho' unless it stars SCOTT DISICK or MILES FISHER.” Then he quickly added, “I am waiting for Scott Disick to ask: Who in the hell is Bret Easton Ellis?”

It's hard to tell whether or not this is a joke, as Ellis is sincerely fascinated with reality TV; he once called The Hills “a modern masterpiece.” But Disick is making sure to butter him up, just in case: “Not going to happen, I know just who u r!” he tweeted in response to Ellis' attempt at self (or perhaps Disick?) deprecation. Of course he does; he is an unnerving, postmodern fame-creature ripped straight from the pages of one of Ellis' books.

Here's a convincing Bateman/Disick mashup video someone made:

Let's make this happen, people.

(Via HuffPo)