Bret Easton Ellis Uncharacteristically Nice About Glee

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The author of American Psycho, Less Than Zero and some rather obscure volumes of The Babysitters Club is not generally a warm and fuzzy person. He wields his Twitter account like Patrick Bateman might wield a steak knife, taking concise little stabs at everything that's wrong with American culture. Not too long ago, he aimed his knife at Fox's camp-fest Glee, stating:

This was not nice, and people told him so, to which he tweeted “Okay, okay, I get it, I get it. I'll stop riffing on H.I.Glee and tweet about how boring the collected stories of William Trevor are. Happy?” THEY WERE NOT.

In an amusing twist of fate, Glee‘s Darren Criss is now slated to act in Downers Grove, a film Ellis is adapting for the screen. Lest people give him shit about his decision to work with someone who is dripping with HIV, Ellis tweeted this on Sunday:

Do you believe him? I'm not sure I do, but maybe he means it. Still: their first meeting might be a bit awkward, no?