Bret Easton Ellis Throws Twitter Tantrum Over Not Being Picked To Adapt 50 Shades Of Grey

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Bret Easton Ellis is a strange, strange man. Once the darling of the literary world, he's retreated to low culture in recent years in an apparent attempt to be a big fish in a small pond. Famous auteurs are more impressive than the people who make The Hills, you see, so when BEE wants to make a movie about LA starring Lindsay Lohan and James Deen, that movie gets made, because BEE is the man.

This formula breaks down, however, when you go after shit that's so far below you it doesn't even know it's below you, which seems to be what happened when fellow bestselling author EL James tapped inexperienced newbie Kelly Marcel to write the film adaptation of 50 Shades Of Grey instead of Ellis, who expressed his desire for the job very publicly. Ellis took to Twitter, as he often does, to express his displeasure:

Um, Bret? Someone who's written a Mary Poppins bio-pic sounds just about right to adapt this awful book into a faithfully awful movie.

50 Shades producer Dana Brunetti shot back by criticizing the newly released teaser-trailer for The Canyons, saying “Really, Bret? The day you release that ‘trailer'.  School film? You're losing it…” He also re-tweeted others who were criticizing the trailer.

I actually liked the teaser trailer for The Canyons, but I do think Bret is losing it in a different way. Why would the guy who wrote American Psycho go so nuts over the chance to adapt what is generally agreed upon to be one of the worst-written bestsellers of all time? Patrick Bateman makes Christian Grey look like Justin fucking Bieber, and no amount of turd polishing is going to change that. I suggest Ellis reevaluate his priorities. I'm not saying he needs to rejoin the literary elite, but if someone hasn't read or understood enough of his work to know how great it is, maybe he should aim a little higher.

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