Breaking The Faith Kicks Off With A Much Better Script Than Breaking Amish

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Breaking the Faith TLC

After successfully breaking Amish (twice!) in the past two years, I figured it was probably time to move on to breaking something else. TLC must've agreed because their new drama reality show's called Breaking the Faith. And tell you what, it's even more compelling than Breaking Amish. No offense to Jeremiah and Crazy Kate and that witch from season two, but the stakes for this show are just so much higher that it's already so much more exciting. Unlike the Amish communities where people can leave if they want to leave, the member of the FLDS have to escape. Because it's not as much a religious community as it is an actual cult.

And because of that, I just need to get serious for one hot sec. Warren Jeffs, the self-proclaimed FLDS prophet, is a horrendous human being who's currently serving time in prison right now for that horrrendousness. The premiere sets up a big divide between the people who believe he raped underage girls in the name of marriage and those who don't. I'll say right now that moments where he's mentioned take me out of the ridiculous reality part of the show and remind me that whether this is scripted or not — there really are young girls out there right now who are being abused by the men in this cult. And now that I've said that and put that out there, we can get back to the fact that this is a TLC show and it will be nothing but light-hearted fun mixed in with a few scripted heartwarming moments.

Sure the acting in the premiere isn't what you would call “good” or “acceptable” or “passable,” but you and I both know we aren't watching this show for it's emmy potential. No, we're watching it to see how many members of the cast forgot to scrub their internet identity clean before coming on the show and pretending to be recent escapees. Okay fine, you caught me, we're also watching for  the scene where the kids get to change out of their literal (and metaphorical) restrictive clothes and into regular clothes. Call me a Laney Boggs enthusiast, but I just look a good makeover!

But before we get to the episode where that happens, we have to meet our zany cast of characters. It's a rag tag group of guys and girls who are either attempting to escape from the FLDS or have already escaped and are now trying to help others. I already know that we're going to love-hate the shit out of them.

First up there's Ben. If I understand correctly, he got kicked out of the FLDS for getting a blow job. His new mission in life is to rescue women who are also looking to escape. Next up is Martha, she's done following the restrictive rules in the community. Which seems pretty standard for TLC shows about breaking things.  After her comes Zack Jeffs. His only kinda fun fact is that he's Warren Jeff's nephew. Which I can't imagine means much in families this large, but it is mentioned. After Zack, we have Matt Jeffs. While I'm not sure how he's related to Warren, he's a former member of the God Squad. And no, that's not cute name for a prayer circle. It's a group of people who drive around the town looking to stop outsiders from coming in and causing trouble. Following him is Angie, who I'm going to assume will be our troublemaker this season since she doesn't seem to completely buy the idea that the FLDS is all that bad. After her we meet Marie, and the only thing that I gather from her intro is that she has no friends. Which is, for obvious reasons, sad. And last but not least, we have Connie. She appears to be leaving for the sole purpose of reconnecting with her ex-FLDS boyfriend, Cody. If you're already stressed about the fact that their relationship won't survive the real world, know that you're not alone. I had at least 2 angina attacks just thinking about these star-crossed lovers.

According to some excellent investigative work at other sites like Starcasm, we know that a few of the people who are “leaving the FLDS” on the show actually left years ago. But that seems pretty obvious because there's no way in hell that the FLDS would allow these cameras into their communities and their homes. So let's go into this series like it's a Lifetime movie based on a true story. It will be much more fun to watch if we don't get caught up on facts and truth and all that other nonsense that came out during the first season of Breaking Amish.

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