Even If You Hate Breaking Dawn Part 2, You’ll Love These New Characters

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Just as things are starting to look pretty dire for  super creepy CGI baby Renesmmee in Breaking Dawn Part 2,  The United Nations of Vampires agree to join the Cullen clan to stand against the Volturi.  Some of them even have special gifts like Edward, Jasper and Alice (because being a vampire just isn’t enough, gosh.) While Twihards across the country can agree that the conclusion to The Twilight Saga is epic (by Twilight standards, which isn’t very high) it’s these new, special vampires that really steal the show. Even though I thought  my little twi-heart was shattering into little pieces, it was actually being made whole.



Vampire Garrett (played by Lee Pace)  is a nomadic former patriot whose I-haven’t-showered-in-days look actually works toward his sex appeal. Aside from Michael Sheen as Aro, this was the smartest casting decision made for the franchise. You can’t not love Lee Pace (most popularly known for his role as Ned in Pushing Daisies) in anything he’s in. One of the most talented actors in the entire film by far, Lee Pace is probably the reason why I loved the installment so much. Just look at that face!



Honestly I don’t care too much for Kate's character (played by Casey LaBow) but she’s Garrett’s love interest in the film so that makes her important. Kate too has magic powers, since I guess they’re just handing them out these days. Her gift:  to cause what looks like pretty painful seizures a-la-electrocution. Pretty awesome if  you ask me. I’m also convinced that Garrett’s relationship with Kate is the best love story in the film. If you’re a Twihard and want to fight me over that, bring it on.




Rami Malek plays Benjamin, a vampire from the Egyptian coven who has been hidden away by his uncle Amun because of his rare abilities. Pretty greedy if you ask me, Amun. Benjamin’s ability to influence the natural elements is sick and easily makes him the coolest guy in the movie.

Stefan and Vladimir


These guys are such a joke and that’s precisely why I love them. Stefan (Guri Weinberg) and Vladimir (Noel Fisher) are Romanian vampires who are anxious for a battle against the Volturi for destroying their coven. I can’t with these two. Their accents were so absurd. I half expected one of them to come right out and say “I vant to suck your bloooood.” However, they were also hilarious and were obviously poking fun at the entire genre. For that I give them credit. (If that wasn't their intention of the writers/director, they should just go ahead and pretend it was.)

I can only hope that Stephenie Meyer includes these global goodies in any future Twilight-based work,