Video: Breaking Dawn’s Kellan Lutz Plays A Social Media Addicted Secret Agent In James Bond Spoof Agent Hashtag

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With Breaking Dawn: Part 2 coming out this week, Kellan Lutz is sooo hot right now. Funny Or Die must know that, because they chose today to release a clever little short in which Kellan plays a secret agent with a dangerous addiction to #socialmedia.

This James Bond spoof casts the dashing young man as “Hashtag…Agent Hashtag,” a high level secret agent who has one little problem…he can't stop posting on Facebook and Instagram. It's full of cheesy lines like “men who pin me often find themselves in danger,” and his arch nemesis finds him by following the trail of Yelp reviews.

What with his recent cameo on 30 Rock as Lutz's nephew and now this, it seems like young Mr. Lutz is trying to move beyond being a mere heartthrob to someone who can handle comedic roles and laugh at himself.  I think I can speak for everyone here at Crushable when I say I'm #intoit.

(Via World Of Wonder)