Breaking: Comedian Tom Scharpling Is At A Stabucks With Lou Reed

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There are few things more surreal than when you're sitting at a coffee shop, scrolling through the cute animal stories on your Google Reader, and an actual, real, live celebrity wanders in and plops down across from you. It's like, “Whoa, wait, aren't you supposed to be at home being fed individual espresso beans by your beautiful teenage lady servant? What are you doing at Starbucks, of all places?”

That used to happen to be a lot when I lived in Los Angeles. The best celeb coffee partner I ever had was Matthew Gray Gubler, and the worst was that terrifying sexual predator from Requiem for a Dream, who, oh my god, should not be allowed to roam free around Hollywood. Here on the East Coast, it's happening right now to comedy guy/radio host Tom Scharpling, who's sitting at a Starbucks across from the legendary Lou Reed and tweeting the whole experience.

From Tom's account, it seems Lou's a pretty surly guy but also super into scones. Which makes sense, because “Sconeday Morning*” was always my favorite Velvet Underground song! I'm kind of disappointed that Lou's wife Laurie Anderson isn't there as well. I'd love to see what kind of performance art make out of ordering a venti latte and I bet her song about pumpkin spice would be epic.

*”Sunday Morning.” Sorry.