Supercut: Every Time Jesse Pinkman Says Bitch In Breaking Bad (Plus Bonus Funny Moments!)

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Jesse Pinkman says the b-word on Breaking Bad so much that it may very well be his catchphrase. He says it to men, women, himself, and no one in particular, or perhaps some mythical bitch in the sky (my personal fav). He says it when he's happy. He says it when he's sad. He says it when he's up, when he's down, and when he is pointing a gun at someone. He says it on a boat and with a goat!

A new supercut from OneUp Productions¬†claims to capture each time Jesse utters the word “bitch” on the show, and I believe it. For such a short word, the video is pretty long. It's fun to see how many of the scenes you can recognize just from those short clips…”roll me further, bitch,” “Gatorade me, bitch,” and “yeah, bitch! Magnets!” are all pretty iconic at this point. It's a testament to Aaron Paul's acting abilities that he can make it mean so very many things.

Of course, if you are still upset that you do not get to watch any more episodes of Breaking Bad until the summer, this may only antagonize you further. However, I found it gave me a sense of inner peace, so maybe you should roll the dice and watch.

(Via Buzzfeed)