Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Will Direct The Most Stressful Episode Of The Office Yet

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If you think the recent seasons of The Office have been stressful to get through, just wait until Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston gets behind the camera. Drugs, poison cigarettes, double crossings…things are about to get weird in Scranton.

Just kidding, I'm sure nothing Bryan Cranston tells them to do could be more painful to watch than the stupid love triangle between Erin, Andy and Gabe, or Robert California‘s marital problems. I would take multiple child-poisonings over that any day.

Which is good, because Cranston is directing an episode of the show's ninth, and hopefully last, season. “Free meth for The Office! (look who's directing…)” Rainn Wilson tweeted yesterday, accompanied by the above photo. Eek! I'm sorry, but I just watched Breaking Bad two nights ago, and seeing Walter White among the innocent, incompetent workers of The Office just makes me fear for everyone's safety. And I don't want to be anywhere near Dwight Schrute when he's flying high on the blue meth.

Of course, in actuality, Cranston is a well-rounded director, with episodes of Modern Family, Malcolm in the Middle, and Breaking Bad under his belt. His Office ep, “Work Bus,” is set to air October 18 and may or may not involve a mobile drug lab.

In related news, did you know that a bunch of people from Breaking Bad were once on Seinfeld? This clip kind of blows my mind:

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

Photo: Rainn Wilson