Breaking Amish Season Finale Reveals Rebecca Has A Baby With A Mystery Father

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Just when I thought I had everyone on Breaking Amish figured out, Rebecca Byler drops the fact that she has a baby girl during the season finale. Sure we found out a few episodes ago that she's a divorced lady, but she conveniently left out the fact that she's also a mother. A MOTHER! That's a huge detail about someone. Especially about someone who claims to be a sheltered Amish woman with no idea about the outside world. Sure having a child doesn't suddenly make you worldly, but it certainly does strip away some of the innocence.

Of course this truth bomb's just another throwaway line in a show that continually ignores every interesting plot line. For example, Abe and Rebecca's wedding bores me. Yet that story lines gets three episodes. (For anyone keeping count that makes their ratio of wedding episodes to wedding guests 1:1) Rebecca's baby interests me, therefore we only hear about it once. Rebecca just says it casually as she storms out of her bachelorette party that she would never expose herself to strippers because it demeans her daughter.

Everyone's all like, “she has a daughter? That's odd that never came up in the weeks we lived together in a hotel room. But, oh well. Back to the strippers!” Except Abe Schmucker. He's all like, “that's a sensitive subject we don't talk about.” Um Abe, you're on reality TV. Sensitive subjects are all we want to talk about.

But perhaps they don't want to talk about it because it exposes the possibility that Abe and Rebecca really did know each other before the show — and knew each other in the baby-making way. During the three seconds that the show spent on this surprise baby, Rebecca reveals that her ex-husband insists the child isn't his. And because this isn't Maury, she doesn't follow up with “BUT IT'S DEFINITELY 100% HIS!” She just leaves that fact hanging there, lingering just long enough that we can't help but make a few educated guesses.

What facts do we actually know about Rebecca? Well Starcasm found court records that show Rebecca did marry Rufus Hostetler in 2010. They also show that that Rufus did file for a divorce from her in July 2012. That's all. Those are the only facts we know.

Now on to speculation and allegations. Earlier on in the season when people first started claiming that the Amish on the show weren't so Amish, a photo of Rebecca and Abe holding a baby popped up on the Breaking Amish the Truth Facebook page. Until now we had no idea if that baby was their child or a prop they posed with for another reality show audition. Well I suppose we still don't know for sure if it's their baby –but I think we can assume that there's a strong chance the three are related to each other.

Even though we don't know for sure who really fathered Rebecca's baby, we do know that we have more questions about this cast than ever before. Or maybe I should say that I have some questions. Such as, who took care of this baby while Rebecca filmed the show? During the season finale she mentioned her family was caring for the child. Um, I thought her grandparents were only family. And I thought they up and left without telling her. So either she has more family that loves her enough to watch her baby while she filmed her reality show or her grandparents took the baby and bolted. Considering the way she spoke about the situation, I would have to guess that it's the former rather than the latter.

Or why did Abe freak out about finding out that Rebecca's divorced, but not about the fact that she has a child with a mystery father? I'm sure the answer to that question lies in the story line that Breaking Amish created this season before the show ever aired. But then they have to stick to that story. It seems like the show's struggled to decide which truth to go with and which truth to ignore as the cast members real backgrounds got revealed online throughout the season. Abe accepting this baby, but not accepting Rebecca's first marriage doesn't make sense.

The cast freaking out about eating sushi, but not freaking out about Rebecca having a baby doesn't make sense. Do you see what I'm saying here. It's okay for reality shows to create alter egos for their characters. I think seasoned TV viewers accept and expect that by now. But they have to figure out which story they want to develop during the season — and they have to stick to it so that it makes sense. Or what I'm saying is where is the reaction shot of Abe finding out Rebecca has a child?

Acknowledging half-truths only confuses us. From the looks of next week's reunion, we might actually get some answers about this baby. But then again, the first part of the reunion this week only highlighted Jeremiah Raber and Sabrina's game of just the tips. So getting the real truth after all this time looks unlikely. But here's to hoping!

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