So The People On Breaking Amish Might Not Be As Amish As They Say, They Might Not Even Be Good Actors

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Earlier this week I watched Breaking Amish because I have a sick obsession with seeing just how much TLC can exploit people for a reality show. But rather than feel bad for the Amish featured on the show, I found it to be incredibly scripted. Almost as if the people on the show weren't exactly being honest about their current circumstances.

Then I started hearing from others that some of the people featured on the show allegedly left their Amish and Mennonite roots a long time before the show would have you believe. That by the time they put on their Amish clothes, it was more like putting on a costume — rather than a daily routine.

That the reason they remained so emotionless when talking about leaving their families forever and getting shunned was because it happened a long time before TLC rolled up with their cameras.

Of course this is all speculation based on a Facebook group called “Breaking Amish The Truth”  and a scandalous link that got sent to me in the comment section of our Breaking Amish recap. So bear in mind that this is all alleged information. Or I guess what I'm trying to say is don't quote me on this. (Unless you're The New York Times, then quote away!)

But do follow me down the dark and twisted path of rumors and Amish rebels.

So apparently the same Sabrina we saw sadly feeding chickens in the first episode left the Mennonite life a while before the show started filming. Here she is pictured with some guy named Harry Kreiser. According to my savvy Facebook skills, his profile got deleted since this screenshot got taken. Poor Harry. He's currently Facebook-less. How will we ever poke him now?

Another fun and unsubstantiated fact? According to the people who are running the Facebook page, she got married in 2009. But the link they include to her marriage license no longer works…whether it ever worked, we'll never know. But comments are showing up on other sites about Sabrina misleading us about her Mennonite past and when exactly she left her family.

But enough about Sabrina. It's time to talk about Abe. And the baby he's holding in this photo. Is this his baby? Who is Rebecca? So many questions, so few answers.

Finally we get to Jeremiah Raber. A man who apparently got married in 2005 and divorced in 2011. And I think it's fair to say that his story on Breaking Amish isn't exactly truthful about his 6 year marriage. Just a minor detail that he forgot to mention during the introductory episode. And luckily for us, court documents do exist with this information. (Of course we're assuming there that there's only one Jeremiah Raber in the world.)

So yeah. Turns out that Breaking Amish might be just as scripted as we originally thought. I just hope the writers made this first season extra juicy. I'm going to need something to fill the void that Dance Moms leaves in my life. Because TV law states you can't stop watching an incredibly scripted reality show without replacing it with another.

God bless America.

(Lead Photo:  TLC)