The Lies Of The Breaking Amish Reunion Proves They Didn’t Need To Script The Season

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The cast of Breaking Amish can twist the truth as much at they want now that the show's over, but it still doesn't mean what they're saying makes any sense. During part 2 of the  reunion they continued to act insanely defensive when being asked simple questions. Questions that emerged from the viewing public after online records started to reveal that the cast didn't exactly go straight from the Amish countryside into New York City.

Despite being asked these questions in a rational and reasonable way, the five members of the cast responded to them as if they didn't willingly star on a reality show. As if they didn't realize that all these innocent people that they refuse to speak about would be exposed on TV. In this day and age of internet and TV, I find it downright bizarre that they actually acted like the public crossed the line by googling them. Yes if these were five people who actually came straight from the Amish community into New York City, I could believe that they really didn't know the ramifications of being on TV show.

However, as they confirmed during the reunion, they'd all been exposed to the outside world for years before the show aired. New York City wasn't the first time they wore English clothes or spoke to English people. Activities like drinking alcohol, partying all night and driving weren't new to them. For some of them, they seemed to be second nature.

By the end of the season we learned that newlyweds Rebecca Byler and Abe Schmucker actually knew each other before the show started — and on top of that, the incredibly innocent Rebecca has an ex-husband and a daughter. A daughter, who I must add, has an unidentified father. Is it Abe? Is it her ex-husband Rufus? We still don't know. But Abe shut down that line of questioning so fast that  it's hard not to suspect that allegations about him being the father aren't true.

Kate Stolzfus also revealed during the season that NYC wasn't exactly her first English experience. In fact she moved to Florida before the show and got a DUI. So the big drinking scene in the beginning of the series where they all giggled their way through wine wasn't so much a first time experience as a familiar experience.

Sabrina? Like Rebecca, Sabrina had been married before the show as well. And Jeremiah. Don't even get me started on him, his marriage and his three children. He can repeat “do your homework” in a condescending tone as many times as he wants, but it doesn't make his abuse allegations go away.

When asked about all these things, they five responded collectively with, “so what?” An attitude that seemed to express that they believed the public were the idiots. So what they drank before the show? So what they wore bikinis before the show?  So what they knew each other before the show?

Well here's the so what. The fact that they dressed in English clothing before this show make the many scenes about them buying English clothes completely inauthentic. The fact that Abe and Rebecca initially lied to the cameras about not knowing each other — and then eventually confessed that they actually did know each other as “friends” makes their entire courtship fake. Jeremiah taking driving lessons as if he'd only ever ridden in  a horse and buggy undermines his big taxi driver plot of the season. That's the so what.

It's okay that they didn't go straight from the traditional Amish lifestyle into New York City. However pretending they did isn't okay. Getting defensive when called out on their lies only makes it so much worse.

Which brings me around to my big epiphany. They shouldn't have framed the show as five innocent Amish kids getting dropped in New York City for a few weeks. Abe, Rebecca, Sabrina, Kate and Jeremiah all have pretty  interesting lives that I would have enjoyed learning about. They all grew up in incredibly sheltered communities cut off from the mainstream population and took a huge risk by leaving. In addition to that, Jeremiah and Sabrina are adopted. I can't imagine what growing up as an adopted child in the Amish community must feel like. Rebecca got raised by her grandparents and Abe got raised by a single mom. Sabrina, Jeremiah and Rebecca all got married and divorced incredibly young. From what we know about the Amish lifestyle, these all strike me as unique Amish experiences that people would actually be interested in learning about.

However rather than giving us insight into that, we spent the entire season watching the cast lie their way through New York City. This reunion cheapened their entire storyline by exposing it as a farce — and their aggressiveness toward answering basic questions only makes us wonder what they're hiding.

In conclusion, I can't help but pray that  season two of Breaking Amish happens. Because maybe this time around we'll actually get some answers. Or at the very least a crossover with Maury so we can finally find out if Abe's the father of Rebecca's baby.