TLC Plans To Address Those Pesky Rumors About Breaking Amish Being Fake

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TLC Plans To Address Those Pesky Rumors About Breaking Amish Being Fake Breaking Amish New York City 640x394 jpg Last week we brought you the scandalous allegations that the cast members of Breaking Amish might have left their Amish roots behind a long time before TLC starting filming their hit reality show. That the innocent faces you see when Sabrina, Kate, Rebecca, Abe and Jeremiah first get to New York City are actually not so innocent. The Facebook Group “Breaking Amish the Truth” as well as a site called X Amish Atheists addressed these rumors head on in an attempt to shed light on what they thought was a misleading show. Between the two of them, screenshots of Facebook profiles and  court records surfaced — which indicated that the fearful fivesome might be doing a little bit more acting than we thought. While we knew from the show that Kate has left the Amish community before to go to Florida (where she got arrested for a DUI), we didn’t know about the allegations that Rebecca and Abe possibly have a baby together, Sabrina left her Mennonite family years ago and Jeremiah’s a divorced father. Well looks like TLC heard about these rumors and decided to address them —  and they decided to address them somewhat vaguely in a statement from the network that’s currently excerpted on The Hollywood Reporter.

“There is a lot of information floating around about the group featured on Breaking Amish,” reads a network statement. “Much of it is not true, but some of it is — and is addressed in upcoming episodes.”

Although I appreciate the fact that they’re acknowledging these rumors, I don’t really understand what they’re saying. Either the people featured on the show left the Amish community for the first time, or they didn’t. I don’t really see the grey area here. But TLC disagrees with my confusion, because Variety reportsthat they never claimed that this was the first time that theses people are leaving the Amish community.

TLC noted that it does not advertise that the cast of “Breaking Amish” is leaving the community for the first time. Hot Snakes Media’s official website, however, states the program “follows the lives of courageous young Amish men and women as they experience life, for the first time, outside of the Amish community.”

As a top-notch investigative reporter with a degree from WedMD Symptom Checker, I obviously went to go check out Hot Snake Media’s official website. But, the page isn’t operating correctly for me and I’m getting a 404 error. Coincidence or conspiracy? We’ll never know. However Breaking Amish The Truth has the following screenshot on their page. I can’t vouch for whether it’s real or not, but here it is below for your viewing pleasure. TLC Plans To Address Those Pesky Rumors About Breaking Amish Being Fake Breaking Amish Fake 640x521 jpg And in case that’s not enough to whet your appetite, I got the following screenshot from the TLC site for Breaking Amish. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but I think it sounds like they’re saying that they filmed the cast leaving the Amish community for the first time. TLC Plans To Address Those Pesky Rumors About Breaking Amish Being Fake Breaking Amish Fake Maybe 640x640 jpg What does this all mean? We’re going to have to keep watching the show to find out what gets revealed throughout the season. And just how many of these rumors end up being true and how many end up being too good to be true. Like, does Rebecca really have a child with Abe. That seems like too much excitement and scandal for one show. But we’ll find out soon enough.