Everyone Gets Shunned On Breaking Amish For Being Bad Actors

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I'll be honest with you. I'm more confused than Sabrina being woken up in the middle of the night by crazy Kate about what happened during last night's episode of Breaking Amish.

For some reason I thought it was the season finale. So I planned an entire theme party around the evening — only to find out that there's an all-new episode next week. WHAT!? I wouldn't have hired a horse and buggy to take all my guests home if I knew that was the case. Must we all be punished by God because Abe chose to wear a bathing suit on TV? Ugh.

Anyway, this episode follows all our favorite Amish actors as they make the trek back to their respective homes to tell their families that they're too good for the Amish.

Naturally they all get shunned. Because appearing on a reality TV show usually doesn't bode well with a group of people who avoid owning TVs, let alone starring on the  television shows that play on them.

Kate takes the news from her family really well. In fact, she heads right back to New York City and jumps headfirst into her modeling career. It's almost as if she's left her community before, moved to Florida and gotten a DUI. (Don't even make me touch that plane scene where she claims to fly for the first time.)

Jeremiah also finds that his family doesn't take the news well. If they're upset at the thought that he's choosing to stay in the English world, wait until they see how well he portrayed himself on the show. Like a true gentleman. If we defined gentleman completely differently.

Next up Sabrina returns home. She casually mentions that she was married in 2009 to her best friend, but it didn't work out and this wasn't at all added into the show recently after people unearthed proof that she was married.


Finally we have Rebecca and Abe. They're also shunned. In fact Rebecca's so shunned that her grandparents moved without telling her. Thankfully they left the house unlocked so she can wander around looking for them. So that was thoughtful.

While their first step should be finding a job or figuring out how to pay for things like food and shelter, they decide to skip those boring life steps and just get married.

Because as Abe reassures Rebecca when she brings up the money situation, love conquers all.