Breaking: ’30 Rock’ Is Going Live!

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Are you in Liz Lemon withdrawal? All you 30 Rock fans, mark your calendars. On Thursday, Oct. 14, 30 Rock is doing a live episode.

Tina Fey is up for it, coming from Saturday Night Live,” Angela Bromsted, NBC President of Primetime Entertainment, told the crowd at the Television Critics Association on Friday.

And yep, it's all about upping the ratings. “We're doing as much as we can to garner attention for this show so it can stay true to them creatively,” Angela shared, who also revealed that the network approached Tina and executive producer Lorne Michaels about taking the live TV plunge. “I think it's a great idea.”

We know we'll be watching live that night. Just to see if Tracy Jordan – and Tracy Morgan – can keep it FCC clean!

UPDATE: Here's a Gratuitous Donaghy for you, while you wait: