The Killers’ Brandon Flowers Is My Hero For These Comments On Kanye West

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Brandon Flowers no shaking head


Just in case you're keeping track of who I approve and disapprove of, I'll just tell you that anyone who refrains from kissing Kanye West's ass is probably okay in my book, especially if they're in the music industry. So after reading Brandon Flowers' latest Kanye komments, I think I'm going to put all the Killers' albums on repeat for the rest of the day to show my appreciation. Brandon, unlike so many musicians, doesn't worship the ground Kanye walks on. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, his 2006 criticism of Kanye came up. Here's what he said back then:

“He makes me ill. I wanted to love him so much when he first came out. He has this sweet voice, and there’s a cuteness to it. And then you see him in interviews and he’s like a lion. It just ruined the whole package for me.”

If you're worried Brandon followed up on those comments by apologizing profusely and saying how ignorant he was of Kanye's artistry and that he dreams of working with him and that all his award show stunts are totally justified, have no fear. He stands by his opinion and points out something very true about the music industry's obsession with Kanye.

“Everyone’s afraid to say anything contrary to him being a genius. It’s crazy, man! And it’s frustrating. I’m not going to tear him down, but I will say I find that to be frustrating… That’s my stance on it. A lot of people might agree with me now. I may have been a little bit ahead of my time. But I think he wants to be good. I think he wants to be great, and that’s something that we all want to strive for. We’ve just got different roads of getting there, I guess.”

THANK YOU. If I have to see one more person bow down to Kanye West and talk about him as if he invented music, I'm going to lose it. Even Beck, someone Kanye was a complete and total disrespectful asshole to at the Grammys earlier this year, responded to the incident by calling him a genius. That was the actual word he used. You know what that reminds me of?

Mean Girls punched me in the face


That's right. I've come to the conclusion that Kanye West is the Regina George of the music industry. Everyone feels personally victimized by him, but when they see him wearing army pants and flip-flops, they go buy army pants and flip-flops. Or should I say leather jogging pants and combat boots? Do Ms. Norbury and Mr. Duvall have to hold an intervention in the gym? They can't keep everyone past four, but THEY WILL KEEP YOU THERE ‘TIL FOUR!