Brandi Glanville Says The Other Housewives Planned To Attack Lisa Vanderpump At The Reunion Show

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Brandi Glanville at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunionTonight is Brandi Glanville‘s first-ever Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, and either she's proven herself to be as green as they come, or as calculating as her co-stars: She gave an interview detailing some of the drama that will go down.

LynnNChicago spoke with Brandi (thanks to ONTD for the heads-up) about the layout of each episode — there's three parts, God help us — and especially the conspiracy against castmate Lisa Vanderpump. As Brandi tells it, Kyle RichardsTaylor Armstrong, and Adrienne Maloof met up before the taping to plan out how they would skewer Lisa. (Camille Grammer was apparently not in on the mean-girl plan.)

And what about Brandi? She doesn't appear until the end of Part 1 and during that taping she was sequestered backstage, unable to see or hear anything. But when she came out, Lisa had already begun to cry.

“It was like Survivor, they meet up to go after one or the other,” Brandi said. “And so you’ll hear me say,'I’m sorry I couldn’t make the meeting' they planned it all beforehand. They all decided to have a go at Lisa and it’s all silly, petty stuff!”

In Bravo‘s preview of tonight's reunion, you can already see the ladies starting to gang up on Lisa at different points. Adrienne's main beef is that Lisa called her branded shoes “the Maloof Hoof”—though she should be thanking her, since that's probably leagues better than whatever Adrienne's people came up with.

LynnNChicago asked if Bravo producers could have orchestrated, but Brandi responded, “No, I really don’t think so, no one at Bravo ever told me what to say, there was plenty of drama, there was no need for Bravo to create any.”

Brandi's allegiance lies with Camille and, not surprisingly, Lisa. She didn't keep in touch with the other ladies until they had to film the reunion special, and that managed to break down any truce she had with Kyle: “The reunion opened some old wounds; we were OK and then we had to rehash the past arguments. It brings it all out again. Kyle and I had some tough arguments, but when it comes to my parenting skills, and my kids, you just don’t go there.”

We imagine the Kyle/Brandi showdown will be saved for Parts 2 and 3. After all, Brandi hasn't yet been asked back for RHOBH season 3, and that's probably entirely dependent on how much sass she throws back at the other Housewives over the next few weeks.

Update: Part 1 aired last night, and not all of Brandi's predictions came to pass.

Update: Part 2 was a little juicier for Brandi, with her accusing Taylor of exploiting Russell's death.