As If It Wasn’t Offensive Enough That Brandi Glanville Got An Oscars Invite, She Wore This Dress

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Brandi Glanville Oscars Dress

Look, I love reality television as much as the next trainwreck-obsessed girl. But I don't think reality stars belong on  the Oscars red carpet. You know why? Because they're addicted to getting attention. And we know from watching them on TV that they'll do whatever it takes to get the attention.  See every one who's ever signed a release form for a TLC show for an example.

I mean, just look at what Brandi Glanville from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wore to the 2013 Oscars. It's a nip slip waiting to happen. Or by the time you read this, already happening.

I just honestly don't know what's sadder. That Brandi Glanville probably forged an invitation to the Oscars and snuck onto the red carpet. Or that Charlotte Ruse designed her dress. Both make me want to cry for her. I bet she totally thought that getting featured on 73 tabloid covers in the past year and having 421 friends tip off Radar Online would guarantee her an invite. But unfortch for everyone employed at Bravo, that's not exactly how the Academy Awards work.

At least she can sleep well knowing that her boobs are getting more coverage than Leann Rimes' boobs tonight.

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