The Big RHOBH Secret: Adrienne Maloof Allegedly Used A Surrogate For Her Pregnancies

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Two nights ago, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tantalized viewers across the country with some ‘big secret' that Brandi Glanville apparently revealed about fellow Housewife Adrienne Maloof. We knew it had to do with Adrienne's family, made her husband Paul Nassif angry enough to call call Brandi a bitch in the middle of a party, and was close enough to lawsuit material to get Bravo to completely edit it out of the episode…but other than that, we've been in the dark.

Until now. Many sources across the vast interwebs are reporting that the big secret that Brandi spilled is that Adrienne and Paul used a surrogate for the birth of their three sons. Oh. Not really a big deal, unless you make it one. In fact,Camille Grammer, another castmember, has been open about the fact that she herself used a surrogate. As natural and totally convincing as these ladies' plastic surgery might be (ha!), they are both well into middle age. Camille is 44, and Adrienne is 51, with a 9-year old and a set of 6-year old twins. So yeah, she was 42 and 45 for their births — by all means, pleeeease use a surrogate. It's been well-documented that the risks of pregnancy increase after age 40, so there's no shame in that game, Adrienne. Fly that health flag high.

EXCEPT. Just two weeks ago, Adrienne made a point of talking about the fact that she had C-sections for both pregnancies, with Paul by her side. Hrrmmm. So if it's true, you guys just got caught out in a lie on TV. There's no shame in using a surrogate for a pregnancy…unless you're so ashamed about using a surrogate for your pregnancy that you lie about it on national television and threaten a lawsuit for anyone who says it went down like that. If you ask me, no matter how it went down, you're really bringing this controversy on yourself by reacting so strongly. If you're in a store and you get accused of shoplifting and your response is to take off running through the store, screaming and waving your bag, threatening a lawsuit…I'm gonna wanna look in that bag. Way more than I would have in the first place.

So congratulations, Brandi and Adrienne. You have my full attention.

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