This Photo Of Bradley Cooper With A Boston Marathon Survivor Is Exactly What We Need Today

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Bradley cooper visits Boston Marathon survivor Jeff Bauman with Julian Edelman April 2013

After an event as terrifying and tragic as what happened in Boston this week, it can be easy to lose faith in human goodness, but it can also be an opportunity to witness just how inspiring and generous people can be. It's particularly inspiring when celebrities use their fame to send messages of peace and comfort. Patton Oswalt's words comforted us earlier this week, and then Amy Poehler gave us her usual wonderful advice. Now Bradley Cooper has given us exactly what we need on a day like today, when even more scary developments are coming out of Boston.

Bradley and New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman paid a visit to Jeff Bauman Jr., who lost both his legs below the knee in the bombing. Julian tweeted a photo of him and Bradley by his bedside, writing, “Visited #survivor #stud #hero Jeffrey Bauman Jr. today. He was looking great and is a true inspiration.”

Bradley is in Massachusetts filming a movie with David O. Russell, and he took the time to visit bombing survivors. He accompanied Julian Edelman and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

It's such a comfort to see people using their position in the spotlight to send messages of courage and inspiration not only to those directly affected by a tragedy like this, but to the countless fans who follow their careers and personal lives. This photo of Bradley is just the image we need to comfort us on a day like today and in a week this this. Not only does it warm my heart to see Bradley and Julian displaying such kindness, but it's also incredibly meaningful to see Jeff Bauman giving a thumbs up for the camera, showing such bravery in the midst of such tragic circumstance.

A fund has been created called Bucks for Bauman to help pay for rehabilitation and medical costs.

(Photo: Twitter)