This Video Of Bradley Cooper Talking About His Mom Will Make You Live, Laugh And Love

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Bradley Cooper face

Here's a fun fact to get your ovaries working overtime this morning. While being interviewed by Katie Couric recently, Bradley Cooper revealed that he'll be taking his mom to the 2013 Academy Awards with him. Mostly because he's determined to make us fall even more in love with him. Also, because he really wants his mom to be there on his big day.

Like he tells Katie, he's nominated for best actor alongside acting greats  Denzel Washington, Hugh JackmanDaniel Day-Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix. It's kind of a big deal and he kind of wants his mom there to celebrate it with him. While I'm sure this isn't completely comprable, I do understand where he's coming from. I did invite my parents to attend my Bat Mitzvah party back in 2000 so they could share my special day with me. (Also that DJ isn't paying himself.)

With the obvious exception of Hogwarts at Christmas time, there's nothing more magical than celebrities taking their parents to the Oscars. It's just too cute. Like you'd have to watch one million videos of a golden retriever raising orphaned human octuplets in a house overrun by pajama-wearing-sloths to feel the same kind of emotion.

And just in case you wanted to up the ante and make the whole situation even more precious, you should remember that Bradley Cooper's Silver Linings Playbook co-star Jennifer Lawrence will also be there with her parents. So yeah, I'm kinda imagining this awesome meet ‘n greet on the red carpet where Mrs. Lawrence tells Mrs. Cooper that she's just heard so many nice thing about Bradley. And Mrs. Cooper says the same about Jennifer. And Jennifer and Brad are both like “Moooooom, please stop right now, you're embarrassing me!”

A girl can dream.