Welp, Bradley Cooper And Suki Waterhouse Seem To Be Getting Official

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Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse at Elle Style Awards February 2013 datingHate to break it to you, ladies, but it seems like 38-year old Bradley Cooper is getting pretty serious about 20-year old Suki Waterhouse, as the two of them have been seen wandering around Paris together, being all official and shit. You know how they do. After spending time together last month on the set of Bradley's new movie with Jennifer Lawrence, they're now taking their relationship to the city of love and light, which is the equivalent of wearing a sign that says “we're official” in Hollywood language. I would just like for one of the two of them to acknowledge publicly that this is a real thing with their words instead of just their actions so I can start asking the hard-hitting journalistic questions like, “What with the eighteen-year age difference between you, what do you two find to talk about?” and “What is Bradley Cooper like in real life, Suki? Does he ever talk about me?” and “Do your parents know you're out this late, young lady?” Just normal questions like that.

Apparently the two of them went out to dinner together and wandered through the streets at dusk, and then rode romantically around cobblestone streets on a motorcycle the next day, IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT. How Mary-Kate and Ashley of them. Of course I don't have access to the photos because the universe doesn't want me to be successful, but you can look at some here. I hope it's a real joy. Are you back now? Cool.

Bottom line, this seems like a real live thing, but I'd like confirmation. The date I'm holding out for is May 1st, Suki's (21st!) birthday. I'm thinking Bradley will do something really romantic like wine and roses, or a candlelit dinner…or maybe he'll take her to a fictional character convention so she can be around others with names that I refuse to believe are from real life. Then we'll know for sure.

(Image: Pacific Coast News)