Bradley Cooper Took Suki Waterhouse To The White House On A School Night (!!!)

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Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse holding hands at White House state dinner February 2014 Even though last night was a school night, and even though Suki Waterhouse had pages of political science reading still to do, Bradley Cooper decided to take his good time gal out for a fun time. Because he's just that kind of babysitter boyfriend.

After all, this wasn't a usual event like an award show or a premiere. Bradley is a dutiful boyfriend, so he knows not to take Suki out for something as overwhelming as all that. She's an impressionable young girl — just think of what all the camera flashes and shouting of her name would do to the poor lass. No no no, much better to limit their time together to extremely staged photo ops in Paris parks when the sun is out, so there's still plenty of time for Nanny to get Suki all tucked in before lights out at 9:00pm. It'd have to be a pretty special event to get Bradley to agree to blaze right through bedtime! Sleep is important!!!!

Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse talking to John Kerry at White House state dinner February 2014

But even stern old Bradley couldn't deny that going to the White House could be quite the learning experience for someone like Suki! So he slicked back her hair, got her in a nice power jacket and a shirt with no cleavage (it's a Tuesday, after all!), and held her hand tightly as they roamed the crowd at last night's State Dinner. I can only imagine the excited words and overuse of exclamation points in Suki's diary that night as she basked in the glory of her evening.

“DIARY!!!! I met John Kerry today!! Mr. Bradley made eye contact with me! After all these months together, he finally asked me a question that wasn't about spelling my name!!!! And he even proved that he knows my name, because he made a silly joke comparing White House and Waterhouse!! It wasn't funny but I laughed anyway because he's so cute when he's corny, like one of those bobbleheads for your car!!! Cross your fingers that he holds my hand tonight, Diary! xoxo Gossip Girl. LOL no it's me Suki, but you know that!!!! You know me better than anyone, Diary.”

Ah young love.

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