Bradley Cooper Says He Doesn’t Want An Oscar, Academy Immediately Starts Plotting To Give Him One

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2013 Vanity Fair Oscar PartyIf you have no desire to fall further in love with Bradley Cooper, then this is not the post for you. Do yourself a favor and quit reading it. Just quit it, because it will melt your Grinch-y heart and fill you full of warm roast beast. Basically, the long and the short of it is, Bradley says he doesn't want to win an Oscar. Not in like a bitter, rude way because he's mad he didn't win Best Actor for Silver Linings Playbook this year, but in a really self-aware, centered kind of way. In his own words, in an interview with GQ Magazine:

“I watched my father die and I realized that is the way we are all going to die. For me, it was a switch from knowing something intellectually to knowing it by tangibly experiencing it. It rewired my neurological system. It almost did the opposite of motivating me. It was about keeping the main thing the main thing. So I don’t want to win an Oscar. It would change nothing. Nothing. The things in my life that aren’t fulfilled would not be fulfilled. Career-wise, right now, it’s better that I don’t win one. I don’t want to win. I don’t.”

I'm not sure that there's another actor out there who could say they didn't want an Oscar and make me believe that they're genuine. But the way Bradley talks about losing his dad and the impact it's had on his life gives me a little glimpse of him as a real person. It's hard to go through an event like that no matter who you are, but when you're in the public eye I'd imagine it's especially trying. So good for Bradley for being a real person in the midst of all this and really doing his own thing. I'll try not to be reminded of Jennifer Lawrence, who behaves kind of the same way but who you totally definitely absolutely without a doubt aren't interested in dating….unless…still no? Okay. Sigh.

Well you may not want to win an Oscar, Bradley, but you accidentally just won my heart for like…the fourteenth time.

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