The More Bradley Cooper Defends Living With His Mom, The More I Want To Be Their 3rd Roommate

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bradley Cooper Jay Leno May 2013

As any loyal Crushable-reader/Bradley-Cooper-Stalker knows, the acclaimed actor lives with his mother. And not in some kind of creepy Lucille & Buster Bluth way, but in a totally normal and healthy way. Yet for some reason Bradley Cooper got put on the defensive last night when Jay Leno acted like this must be some major deterrant to bringing home ladies on The Tonight Show last night.

He's all like, “c'mon Bradley, there's no way a woman would go home with a guy who livs with this mother!” And Bradley's all like, “Jay, meet my face, I'm doing okay.” But Jay keeps badgering him (because I guess that's what old people find funny these days) and Bradley puts on his serious face and is all, “look where I'm from, there's no choice really, I don't think it's weird, you know my dad died, I come from an Italian neighborhood, I couldn't do it any other way, I wouldn't even think about it.” And that leaves Jay pretty speechless because he had a few good your mom jokes lined up and now they have to go to waste because Bradley made him look like an insensitive idiot. Also like a regular idiot because if anything Bradley Cooper needs a put-me-down line and not a pick-up line. If living with this mother turns off a few ladies, so be it. I'm sure 45 will line up right behind those who can't handle the fact that he's a great son.

Not only does seeing an actor one-up Jay Leno make me happy, but seeing Bradley Cooper get all hot and bothered over living with his mother also makes me happy. A different kind of happy than seeing Jay put in his place. The kind that makes me envision little Jenni Cooper Jrs. running around town, acting in award-norminated movies and writing for lawsuit-eligible blogs and asking their Godmother Jenny Lawrence for gifts and whatever else it is that our children will do. So in grand conclusion Jay Leno, no, I do not find it to be a turn off that Bradley Cooper lives with his mother. I find it incredibly touching and endearing and adorable. So there.