Let’s Stop This ‘Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence Are Dating’ Rumor Before We Embarrass Ourselves

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Jennifer Lawrence Bradley Cooper Dating

Look, I love me a little Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. And I think they did a wonderful job working together in Silver Linings Playbook this year, trust me when I say I'm on team “give them all the awards.” But that doesn't mean they should date each other. Sometimes it's okay for males to hook up with females in movies and not want to hook up with them in real life. I think it happens more than we think. See 95% of movies for proof of that.

But because both stars are recently single and because someone spotted them eating dinner together last week, they're now rumored to be America's new hot couple. Because it's clinically impossible for two single people to spend time together without immediately falling in love. 18th Century high society says it, When Harry Met Sally says it and the Duggar Family Rule Book says it, so we know it must be true.

Their appearance together last night only fueled more rumors that they're dating. Even though they only appeared together because THEY STARRED IN A MOVIE TOGETHER AND THAT'S HOW THE GOLDEN GLOBES SEATING WORKSIt's not like it's free seating up in there. As much as I'd love to see all the celebrity cliques, it's simply not how it works. Nevertheless, it didn't stop The Daily Mail from thinking these thoughts and then thinking the thoughts were good enough to write online.

Still, the pair certainly looked flirty inside the star-studded ballroom at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. The two giggled and kept close as they sat side by side and Bradley flashing a big smile as they chatted.

Like really, he flashed her a smile as they chatted? That's not flirting, that's called having a conversation. What was he supposed to do? Glower? Glower as they chatted? Nevertheless, this seemed like ample evidence for Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell to ask Bradley about the rumored romance. He responded with, “If it didn’t happen by now, it’s not gonna happen. I could literally be her father.”

Yes, he could literally be her father and yes that's probably a show in development right now at CBS about an older man dating a younger woman who constantly makes the joke, “I could literally be her father, but I'm not because I'm screwing her, (pause for audience laughter) and a quick DNA test shows I'm 100% not her father so there's that…”

So let's all ignore these rumors because they're stupid. They're not dating. They just played people who were dating in a movie.

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