Bradley Cooper Looks Like A Surburban Reggae Stoner In The Trailer For Hit And Run

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Well I just finished watching the trailer for the upcoming action film Hit and Run starring Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Bradley Cooper and Tom Arnold. Yes, Tom Arnold. Nothing says ACTION quite like Thomas Arnold. But I'm not here to discuss Tom or even Kristen and Dax.

No, I'd like to spend today talking about Bradley Cooper. Mostly I enjoy talking about Bradley Cooper. He's a good looking guy who generally makes me smile when I'm watching him at the picture show. But this trailer about a former bank robber (Dax Shepard) on the run with his wife (Kristen Bell) from his former bank robbin' friend (Bradley Cooper) shows us a different side of the actor.

The kind of side that usually emerges during one's freshman year of college. I'm sure you know the side I'm talking about. It's the one that a guy discovers after he starts smoking enormous amounts of weed and realizes that his entire upper middle-class childhood was some kind of capitalism conspiracy designed to keep the man down.

To show his parents that he “gets it” now, he generally grows dreads, dresses horribly and speaks like he grew up 3000 miles south of the NYC suburbs that he really grew up in.

That's the look Bradley Cooper appears to be going for in this movie. Watch the trailer and tell me if you agree.