Bradley Cooper Contracts A Contagious Case Of The Giggles During An Interview

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Bradley Cooper laughing today show interview

If you're in the mood for some good old-fashioned celebrity interview fun, look no further than this one from The Today Show. Willie Geist recently sat down with Bradley Cooper to talk about American Hustle and goshdarnit, Bradley could just not stop giggling.

And honestly, I'm not sure why. I mean I like Willie Geist, in the way everyone likes their good natured middle-aged neighbor — but he's not that funny. It's not like he kicked off the interview with a killer stand-up set. He just started talking and Bradley just started giggling. Which then made Willie Geist giggle. In a total I-don't-even-know-why-im-giggling-but-you-are-giggling-and-you-are-more-famous-than-me-so-I-will-do-everything-you-do way. They go back and forth like that for a little while, with no explanation.

Because again, all Willie Geist said to Bradley was that he really seemed to like playing Richie DeMaso in the movie. So either Bradley's got a really weird sense of humor or he's not paying attention to Willie at all and is instead thinking of something else that's really funny. Like a cat playing piano (cats don't play piano!) or the name Suki Waterhouse.

Unfortunately they eventually get over their giggles and continue on with the interview. And it's fine. Seen one movie interview and you've seen them all. (Unless it's with Jennifer Lawrence, then you actually have to see them all.)  But I assure you that it's well worth a watch, if only to see Bradley completely cracking himself up.