Video Proof That Bradley Cooper Is Worse Than You (And Everyone) At Charades

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Bradley Cooper acting out The Vampire Diaries for charades on The Tonight Show February 2014In case you needed an ego boost today, I can now unequivocally promise you that you're better at something than Bradley Cooper. It may not be ‘getting nominated for an Oscar' or ‘being on a first name basis with Jennifer Lawrence‘, but it's charades, and that's nothing to sneeze at.

After all, think of all the situations in which being good at charades could come in handy: game nights, explaining something to someone with whom you don't share a language, game nights, hanging out with Jimmy Fallongame nights, telling a story while choking, and also game nights. Whereas the other things are only really useful if you're actually in a room with J-Law or…y'know…care about that sort of thing. Sigh.

But anyway, Bradley went on The Tonight Show last night with Tim McGraw and Emma Thompson, who got sorted into two teams to face off against each other. This will surprise you not at all, but our girl Emma is killer at charades. And obviously Jimmy is great too, and Tim is kind of bumblingly clueless. But oh my god Bradley sucks so bad. 

First of all he can't guess the song ‘Walk Like An Egyptian', even though he keeps repeating ‘walking' and ‘Egyptian' over and over and over again as his partner Emma struts back and forth across the stage. COME ON GIRL.

But it gets even worse when he tries to guess Beyonce‘s song ‘Drunk In Love' for the finale round. I don't want to spoil it for you, because it's worth a watch just to see Jimmy squawking in indignation and to feel all the air drain out of your insides as you will him to STOP BEING SUCH AN IGNORAMUS AND SAY THE RIGHT THING. I mean come on, Emma doesn't even watch American TV and she still got The Vampire Diaries

Bradley Cooper Emma Thompson and Tim McGraw playing charades with Jimmy Fallon February 2014

Pull it together, Cooper. Charades is no joke and you are KILLING US OUT THERE.