Brad Womack Shuts Down His Twitter Account Following Breakup with Emily Maynard

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Looks like I was right about Bachelor Brad Womack‘s Twitter account existing solely for damage control.

The account, which he started on March 24th, was almost entirely about his relationship with final-rose-recipient Emily Maynard, right down to his bio: “Lover of Em and Ricki [Emily's daughter].” As soon as he set up his account, most of his tweets were about how happy he and Emily were or how excited he was to see her next time (Brad lives in Texas; Emily in North Carolina). But after their breakup was confirmed last week, what did Brad do first? Shut down his Twitter account. He didn't even try to set it as private, he just closed the thing down. If the rumors that Brad and Emily aren't allowed to speak to the press about the split are true, then closing down his obviously-just-tweeting-because-ABC-says-I-have-to Twitter account is the closest thing to statement from Brad that we're going to get.