Brad Pitt’s “Tree of Life” delayed again!

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It's starting to feel like we're never going to get to see Brad Pitt in the movie Tree of Life. There had been hopes that it would finally be released late in 2009 but it seems that this is no longer the case – and it has nothing to do with Brad or the interest in the movie. Rather, it's the director who is holding things up.

Brad Pitt on the set of "Tree of Life"

According to this article, director Terrence Malick is a reclusive perfectionist who spends a great amount of time (and that's an understatement at this point!) going over and over film footage, and he has retreated to the editing room indefinitely with little hope of a 2009 release now. Tree of Life has been ten years in the making already and we're all going to have to sit tight until Malick finally decides to let it open.

In Tree of Life, Brad plays a father to a young boy (who is later played by Sean Penn as an adult) who has trouble dealing with a haunting loss of innocence. The article hints at a possible showing for Cannes in 2010 but at this point it's purely speculation (and hope, I guess!) since there are no details confirming that yet. It would be nice though! I've heard about Tree of Life repeatedly but only the most vague of ways. I have no idea as to what the movie is really about beyond what I just mentioned. I don't know what causes the loss of innocence or how big Brad's role is. It's been kept so under wraps that it's almost maddening when you want to know more!

I hope that Malick finds satisfaction soon and releases the movie. I can't imagine being such a perfectionist that it would take this long to wrap up a movie! On the other hand, the article states that Malick has been a filmmaker for 35 years but has only released five films in all that time, so I guess there's not much chance of changing him! Let's hope Tree of Life hits theaters soon – or at least sooner rather than later!

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