Brad Pitt’s New Bachelor Pad?

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Apparently, there are rumors that Brad Pitt has been looking at purchasing a new home in L.A. that looks more like a bachelor pad.  This is a two bedroom, two bath home so definitely too small for the entire family. Maybe their split is true or maybe he just wants a place to escape. Men do need their space after all.

Here is an image of the house he has apparently bought. It looks more like a cottage, a definite man’s den.

Brad Pitt s New Bachelor Pad  INFphoto 1172160 JPG

The property needs some work so another theory is that he is looking to purchase it, remodel it and than resell. This is what a lot of people are doing as long term investments! However, it is a coincidence that such a purchase is occurring around their supposed split.

In other news, the couple will not be attending The Oscars because they will be out of the country. Many speculate that this is because of their relationship being on the rocks. Time will tell.

Image Credit: INF