Brad Pitt’s Big Art Purchase

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Recently we learned that Brad Pitt had flown into Switzerland to check out some art. It also became known that he made a purchase while he was there, adding to his personal art collection.

Brad Pitt s big art purchase sipaphotostwo411497 basel art show jpg

The piece that Brad purchased is called “Etappe” which is an oil painting on canvas by Neo Rauch. You can see the painting over here. It sold for a little less than $1 million US.

Brad Pitt s big art purchase sipaphotostwo411498 basel art show jpg

I find art to be fascinating because it’s so subjective. Personally, I don’t care for the painting that Brad bought. I don’t hate it to the point that I’d be upset at it hanging in my home or anything, but it’s not something I would spend money on myself because it’s not my style. I prefer either Monet or Van Gogh paintings (or on my budget, prints of the paintings!), and I also like photography as art. However, if Brad dropped that much cash on a painting it’s obviously something that he loves.

What do you think of Brad Pitt’s painting purchase?

Images: Newscom