Brad Pitt Threw A Cheeseburger At An Obnoxious Fan

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It's like that old saying goes, “You can't have your cheeseburger and throw it too.” Brad Pitt learned this lesson the hard way when a starstruck fan started bugging him on a fast food run, causing him to let fly his cheeseburger. The story comes straight from the lips of Matt Damon:

“Brad [Pitt] threw a cheeseburger at somebody. The guy had followed him to the drive-thru and Brad was like, ‘Can I just eat my cheeseburger?’ … They both looked at each other in total shock for a long moment. Neither of them could believe that it happened, you know? And then the guy went to raise his camera, and Brad sped off. So he did not get the picture. Brad left that experience feeling like, ‘Well, I didn’t get to eat my cheeseburger. I really wanted it.’”

I feel like I'd have a better understanding of who the victim in this scenario is if I knew where the cheeseburger was from. McDonalds? Blech — that fan better head straight for the dry cleaners. But if the burger were, say, from In-N-Out, then I am weeping for Brad's loss.

(via Videogum, whose brilliant photo we have also used)