If You Want To See What Shiloh Will Look Like As A Teen, Look No Further Than This Photo Of Teenage Brad Pitt

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You know what's the absolute worst? Those nights that you wake up in a cold sweat stressed over what Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will look like as an adult. It's like, “c'mon body, I really need to sleep, can't we think about celebrity children in the morning?”

Well prepare to sleep through the night now because we can now say with 67% confidence that we know what Shiloh Jolie-Pitt will look like as a teenager. And possibly even as an adult. This photo of her father, Brad Pitt, from his teen basketball team looks JUST LIKE HER.

This US Weekly photo of 14-year-old Brad Pitt playing for the Cherokee Rejects in Springfield, Missouri is amazing because of how much he looks like his daughter.

Seriously, if Shiloh was like one year older I would assume this was her very-budget-friendly Halloween costume. If they look this similar in just these two photos, we can only make the logical conclusion that Shiloh will always look like her father. In fact we did a little photo project work this morning and came up with this image of Shiloh might look like as a middle-aged woman.

It's uncanny right? The resemblance between the two of them. It's almost like Angelina Jolie contributed no DNA and Brad Pitt's genes just went all out on a fetus look-a-like takeover campaign.

So now that we know what Shiloh will look like for the rest of her life, let's all relax and move on with our lives. This is one celebrity mystery that we just solved.

(Photos: Us Weekly)